Finding Fritillaries

Easter this year felt strange. Normally, we would, in non Covid times be heading to my mother’s house, for a celebration. Each year she takes great pleasure in buying chocolate eggs for her grandchildren, as soon as she sees them in the shops. She squirrels them away in a sack in the spare room andContinue reading “Finding Fritillaries”

February Gifts

February Gifts  ”February fill the dyke, Be it black or be it white; But if it be white, It’s the better to like.” This year, I have not been a fan of February. Usually I like it, the gradual moving forward in the season, the push and pull of different weathers. I usually like theContinue reading “February Gifts”


Imbolc As I grow older, I swear the years turn faster and faster, taking me far away from childhood. Yet, when I was a child, all I wanted was to grow up, to be a grown up able to do grown up things in a grown ups world, which sounded exciting and dangerous. In theContinue reading “Imbolc”