Welcoming the New with a Lucky Seven

I have written before about longing for spring to come, and about how I scrutinise my local landscape for the tiniest signs of the onward movement of nature. I have shared how I watch the hedgerows with the attention of a detective, looking for the smallest evidence of leaves unfurling, and buds pushing and burstingContinue reading “Welcoming the New with a Lucky Seven”

Wishing for Spring

The winter has felt long this year, longer than usual. I don’t know if lockdown has made it seem more intense, with the confinement of walls and home edging in and amplifying the darkness. As February turned into March and we passed Shrove Tuesday and fell headlong into Lent, I felt annoyed at childhood notionsContinue reading “Wishing for Spring”

What do we mean when we speak of love?

This year, my children are keen to know what Valentine’s Day is all about. I am blaming myself. At my own insistence, we have read all the Ramona Quimby books between Christmas and now, and in the most recent volume to be shared, there are scenes of clandestine note passing between the children in fictionalContinue reading “What do we mean when we speak of love?”

Full Moon Promise

Full Moon Promise At 6pm on a freezing late January evening, I am standing in my muddy urban back garden, regretting a promise I have made to my children. I don’t make many promises, because certainties in life are difficult things, things that might change at any point, particularly at the moment, as the worldContinue reading “Full Moon Promise”